Travel is essential to the Pakistan economy, providing an indispensable source of job creation. The travel industry is unique: it is highly dependent on human labor, generally immune to outsourcing and plays a key role in international trade. Given travel’s critical role in job creation across the country, lawmakers at all levels should prioritize policies that are pro-connectivity, pro-growth and pro-traveler.

Planning, Development – vision. 

      • 1- To plan and execute tourism development projects within the country and abroad.
      • 2- To communicate and take measures with various locals and international associations, corporations, private companies, local government agencies to promote in the interest of the inbound tourism trade.
      • 3- Our mission is to promote and facilitate the growth of sustainable and equitable tourism in Pakistan in close partnership with concerned stakeholders from the public, private and NGO sectors.
      • 4-Around 26 years of tra

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